Shifters Update - Jan 5 
08:15pm 05/01/2015
New page is here.

Well its a new year, and thanks to our Patreon peeps, a new page! As promised, work was done over Xmas. Working on another page for next month already, should be done very soon, and of course trying to finish the rest of the chapter. Patreon peoples have had this page for a bit longer, and will get the next page earlier, but either way, its good news for all of you! Enjoy.

Still sorting out a lot of stuff, but we've made a promise to get at least a page a month (goal on patreon was met), so that's what we're going to do. It might be a bit mucky at first, especially after this chapter is finished as Che and I have to work out a style we can both color in, so if one can't do it, the other can. Bear with us if styles change or are inconsistent for a little while.

In other news, Che and I applied and were accepted for a table at Rainfurrest 2015. This will be our first US con as a pair, my first US con since 2006. So if you happen to be attending that, come visit us! It is in Seattle WA, Sept 24-27.

Our convention schedule this year so far is as follows:

If you are around, hope you'll stop by!
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Update - May 5 
11:18pm 04/05/2014
  View page here:

So, hello everyone. Its been a while, and what a ride its been.
As you can see, we are attempting to get back to the comic after the crazy year its been. A lot of things have been going on.
Firstly, Che, our estemed colorist and my partner in crime for this site has successfully completed her first year of  her University Commercial Animation Program. Because of the intensity of her program, she wasn’t able to do anything outside school work for the year. We are going to try to find a way to work around this for the upcoming year so there can be updates, but they may be slow. We’re playing it by ear, but neither of us wants to give up on Shifters!
As for myself, there was, and still continues to be a lot of drama around my family, although its taken a back seat to the craziness that is helping run a convention. I’m not entirely sure how I got so deep into this whole thing, but stuff happened and snowballed and I got a lot more responsibility that I had originally signed up for. That is all going to come to a head at the end of June, when the Convention will be occurring, and hopefully, I can extract myself after that point to a more reasonable level of crazy. It does give me a lot more respect for people who plan these events though.
IF you happen to be in the Vancouver area this June 27-29th, check out Its the one big summer con! Three cons in one ticket! Che and I will be there in the artist alley.
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Shifters Update - July 9 
01:18am 09/07/2013
  I just kind of had this scene of Karma hanging in the air a bit above ferrah, so I had to include it, I know this is dragging out a bit, but bear with me, we’re almost through this.

There’s a new poll up, and don’t forget to vote for Shifters on the TWC! The link is up there at the top on the right.

NOTE TO CHEPRETIATION DONORS: You should have received your digital wallpaper. If you had trouble with the link please contact me. Also, many of you still haven’t responded to the letters I sent out asking for missing details so we can send you stuff. Please get back to me ASAP!

Now I’m sure it hasn’t escaped everyone’s notice that updates have been a little erratic. I’m very sorry about this, but right now I’m suffering some pretty severe wrist pain, specifically around my thumb. I believe its tendinitis of some form or another. Unfortunately the pain is causing me some serious difficulty in gripping anything with my thumb without shooting pains or just weakness, which includes my tablet pen. I’m also having to often wear a splint, just to get some relief from the pain, but that obviously prevents me from doing pretty much anything with my right hand.

Obviously with this pain, things have gone a little slower than I would like, and updates may continue to be a little erratic for the future depending on how bad this gets and if I have to get some kind of medical treatment for it. Just more a heads up than anything as to why things have been kind of up and down. But I am still trying to get pages done, but can only do so as my body allows.

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