ShadowsMyst (shadowsmyst) wrote in shifters,

Shifters Update - Sept 13

Shifters has updated!

Two updates in a month?! *GASPS*
I know, shocking, isn’t it? First time there has been a ‘bonus’ page in quite some time. Actually in all fairness, I’ve been working on working ahead, but it took a while to build a significant enough buffer to be able to do this over longer.
September will see weekly updates and knock out the bonus pages owed, but then will likely drop to once a month, as that’s currently what the patreon will fund for colouring costs, as I have to pay Che for her work.
The patreon will always be updated in advance of the free comic, and I’m still sorting out the tiers rewards, but I’m trying to ensure it will be good for those who support the comic. Tagging on patreon is definitely helping with some much needed sorting.
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